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Documentary Wedding photography based in Chester UK. A UK and International Photographer creating documentary, quirky, relaxed wedding photography   

What SJ has been up to..

Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Chester, wedding photography covering the UK and Europe. Quirky, relaxed, natural wedding photography for couples who want their wedding photography to story-tell their wedding day 

On the 20th September my world turned on its head.....

Sarah Sadler

Just when you think life is panning out for you....your hopes and dreams, everything you had worked so hard for. 

Just like that it is all gone.

No reason, no warning...

On the 20th September my beautiful man passed away.

Time since has stood still for me and my two beautiful girls....the last 7 weeks and 1 day have been a blur of shock, numbness & unimaginable pain.

My beautiful man. My life, my soul mate, my best friend, my future, my present and my past....all has a new meaning. A meaning I did not want....and now here I am picking my way though a world that looks apocalyptic. I am left with rubble and somehow I have to build something from this for my two girls. Doing this with no every single step towards trying to create a new world for my girls takes me a little further away from my man....

My Rich....I miss you more than air. My love for you stronger than ever....I will love you for all of time....

Again I wish to thank my couples for being so beautiful, so understanding and patient with me during this time....

Right now, more than ever, it is so important to me that you have your beautiful memories forever...Images now mean so much more.

Believe me...when someone you love so much is no longer videos, pictures, photographs, text messages....become priceless. It is all you have left, along with your memories, of the love and life you had.

A reminder that our immense, beautiful love was did man existed and loved and laughed and is always my soul mate.

Life is so short, it will twist and turn, it will throw you down and pick you up....but one thing for sure is....if you show up for it, if you love as hard as you can, if you show that you did exist, that you didn't hide from matter how short or long your life is, you had a life ♥ 

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A Wirral Wedding

Sarah Sadler

Lorena & Oliver....

Your day was beyond perfect....I am totally smitten with you both....

Here is a teeny tiny little look at your beautiful, romantic, golden skied, full of love, wedding day...

with much love to you both

Sarah xxx

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An Oddfellows wedding

Sarah Sadler

So i am photographing this truly intimate wedding of just 36 the fabulous venue Oddfellows....and we decide to take a walk down to the roman gardens for some pictures..

Jose "Lets cut through the car will be quicker"

Laura "oh smells like wee down there"

Off we go anyway...

Me "oh my life.....graffitti!!!" 

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Back to tower Hill Barns...

Sarah Sadler

Laura & Gareth...

Your day was filled with so much happiness & love, it was meant to rain, instead you had sunshine and even a rainbow...the person you thought that was not there to see your wonderful day, was most definitely taking care of you ♥

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Algarve Wedding photography ♥

Sarah Sadler

I am back home, almost fresh off the plane from an incredibly hot and beautiful wedding photography trip to Portugal.....

Linzi & Chris...your wedding day was simply honestly could not have picked a better location for your beautiful day...thank you both from the bottom of my heart for inviting me out to join you....

Every moment you had was just full of smiles and love, and the fact that you had 80 guests there to witness your marriage is just testament just how wonderful, warm and so bloody brilliant you are as a couple...

Enjoy the sunshine guys...stand still and take a moment for you created the most beautiful day

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30 James Street wedding ♥

Sarah Sadler

As I sit here after my last 2016 wedding of the year, I cannot help but feel a little sad....that's it...all done {apart from the mountain of wedding editing, which basically means me+blanket+The walking dead+coffee+laptop} 2016 you have been amazing...and my goodness to have your wedding, Rachel & John, as my last of the year has filled my heart...

I met Rachel & John in beautiful Tuscany, while photographing the fabulous wedding of Jenna & Steve ♥ #majorgirlcrush Rachel was a bridesmaid....before jetting off to Portugal for another wedding...Well Rachel & was your turn, and what a day?!!

Your day was simply perfect...I thank you from the bottom of my heart for asking me to document this perfect day of yours...

And so here is your sneak peak..

Much love to you both

Sarah xxxxx

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As I get ready for my last wedding of 2016...

Sarah Sadler

As I get ready for tomorrows last wedding of 2016, I couldn't help but wonder how many weddings I have photographed since my 1st wedding as Sarah Janes on the 5th April 2008..

Can you believe that tomorrow will be my 195th wedding!
I have loved these last 8 years so much...

every ...single...moment...

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I held a two day photographers workshop....

Sarah Sadler

I cannot even put into words how much joy putting this workshop together has given me...

I wanted to host a workshop for teach them what posing really is...posing is not about where the hands and body should be...but more to do with the fact that you are photographing a human you communicate with this other person in front of capture them...just simply this is posing...

I have to give a special thanks to

Kings Acre farm for the use of their {my simply favouite} venue

To Elimays flowers

To Mandy Rigby

And also to Cat Williams

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