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How to find your wedding photographer

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How to find your wedding photographer

Sarah Sadler

I know…it is tough…I hear your pain and this was what compelled me to write this post for you.

So here is a little inside info…the biz….in helping you find your wedding photographer...

But 1st you should know...

Your photographer is looking for you, their ideal wedding client {I know!! They are looking for you…searching day and night and the joy…the utter joy that the photographer feels in their heart and soul…this couple gets “it”}…and all this means is they are looking to work with couples who “get” what their photography portrays…. You get them as they get you…

You could even do that silent conversation thing with just your eyes….you just know….

You know?

They are looking to work with you, and I hope by the end of this post you will know who your ideal photographer is…

So let’s start with that!

What style of wedding photography would you like? Is it.....

Traditional or non-traditional?

Are you after fun group pictures or a documentary approach with zero focus on groups?

Do you like your images to look light and airy {think Pinterest!} or moody and dark?

Would you like your photographer to use smoke bombs and flashing lights…or a natural light documentary approach?

Is the photographer just a service provider or will this person be your next best friend?

What is your personality type? As individuals and as a couple? Are you laid back, super friendly, really shy, love having your picture taken or hate it? Are you very “corporate” in your ways?

Ask yourself all of these questions….ask yourself many more..


YOU knowing what you want will help you find your ideal photographer {that person who is also trying to find you too!}

So now you know what kind of photography you would love to have….let’s find your photographer!


Google wants you to have an amazing experience; this search engine wants you to find just what you are looking for in just a few clicks….

But if you just Google “wedding photographer in Chester” You are going to get a lot of results….and many that you have no interest in..

So be spe·cif·ic

Have a list of key words like..

Documentary wedding photographer

Quirky wedding photography

Smoke bomb wedding photography

Google also has an image search….so if you are still unsure of what photography style {if like me you are more like “I don’t know…I will just know when I see it”} write in all of your key words and see what comes up!


This is the main way I have weddings to photograph every year….and my preferred way….this is just how I and my couples are as people…familiar, friendly, no airs or graces, just live, laugh and love… and it’s perfect.

Have your friends recently got married? Were you a guest and thought the photographer worked amazingly well, did she/he fit in with your friends and family and the images were to die for…well I think you should contact that photographer 1st.

Social media

Asking for recommendations on Facebook means you are in touch with a lot of people…there are Facebook wedding groups you could join…or if you are like my ideal client she/he tends to stay away from the group thing and dances to the sound of her/his own beat…

So you have instagram and Pinterest....type in your key words and imagine finding a little treasure that you never would have found through Google or Facebook!

By this point you should have landed on a few websites, think back to your profile and look to see what this website says about the photographer…

Is their language corporate or super friendly?

Do they talk like a service provider or are they talking about how photography fills their soul?

Is their website soft and pretty and appealing to your shy nature? Or big and punchy?

Get a feel for what they are saying and how they are saying it… and then look at the portfolio…look at what they do, because this is what you will receive…the editing the look and feel…


And going in with a “I want this style“ which is not on your photographers portfolio is only going to lead to disappointment to you both….

In other words...

If you do not see any images with selective colour you can bet your arse that if you ask for that after the wedding day the answer will be a big fat no…..

Meet your photographer for a coffee….or if they are too far away phone them…

Us photographers will travel, some will have travel included within the set price, some will charge a little more ….you may not always be lucky enough to find a photographer whose work you love in your town, so give them a call... say hello…use Skype/FaceTime…but have a chat before you decide if their personality matches your own.

Do they need to have photographed a wedding at your venue before?

Why? If they are experienced and good at what they do, being at a venue that they have been too before is not going to make a rats bit of difference…

Why do some photographers not have a price on their website…

I will tell you why, and you may not like it {but my ideal client will love that they ask a straight question they will get an honest reply}…because couples will go to the website, click prices and if it does not match their budget they click off…

You have not given the photographer a chance to say who they are….why they do what they do…they are not trying to sucker you in, they are just asking for the chance to say Hi, this is me....lets make sure we are a right fit….and if you find a website with no prices but you love their work just send an email and ask….you should get a super friendly personal response back. And if that photographer is out of your budget or they are already booked, they will help you find another photographer {if they do not offer then ask if they can help}

YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER IS OUT THERE….looking for you….sit and think about what you want from your wedding images ..

Remember that this is a fun time for you both….you are planning your wedding day!

You are investing into your future memories…this one day that you have both planned will be in images. So its important that they reflect you...

Whoever you are…

Just you....

Much love

Sarah xxx

PS Have you seen my post about how to love your wedding supplier {seriously sprinkle some shiz on that} and I think it would be a really good read before you contact a photographer…