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Documentary Wedding photography based in Chester UK. A UK and International Photographer creating documentary, quirky, relaxed wedding photography   

On the 20th September my world turned on its head.....

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Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Chester, wedding photography covering the UK and Europe. Quirky, relaxed, natural wedding photography for couples who want their wedding photography to story-tell their wedding day 

On the 20th September my world turned on its head.....

Sarah Sadler

Just when you think life is panning out for you....your hopes and dreams, everything you had worked so hard for. 

Just like that it is all gone.

No reason, no warning...

On the 20th September my beautiful man passed away.

Time since has stood still for me and my two beautiful girls....the last 7 weeks and 1 day have been a blur of shock, numbness & unimaginable pain.

My beautiful man. My life, my soul mate, my best friend, my future, my present and my past....all has a new meaning. A meaning I did not want....and now here I am picking my way though a world that looks apocalyptic. I am left with rubble and somehow I have to build something from this for my two girls. Doing this with no every single step towards trying to create a new world for my girls takes me a little further away from my man....

My Rich....I miss you more than air. My love for you stronger than ever....I will love you for all of time....

Again I wish to thank my couples for being so beautiful, so understanding and patient with me during this time....

Right now, more than ever, it is so important to me that you have your beautiful memories forever...Images now mean so much more.

Believe me...when someone you love so much is no longer videos, pictures, photographs, text messages....become priceless. It is all you have left, along with your memories, of the love and life you had.

A reminder that our immense, beautiful love was did man existed and loved and laughed and is always my soul mate.

Life is so short, it will twist and turn, it will throw you down and pick you up....but one thing for sure is....if you show up for it, if you love as hard as you can, if you show that you did exist, that you didn't hide from matter how short or long your life is, you had a life ♥