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Documentary Wedding photography based in Chester UK. A UK and International Photographer creating documentary, quirky, relaxed wedding photography   

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Nicola & Mark {Their beautiful wedding day story}

Sarah Janes Photography

Mark is the G2B that proposed with an elastic band...some 3 months after asking Nicolas father for his permission.

Nicola is the Bride that made her own bridesmaids dresses..arranged all the wedding flowers, and was making her own wedding bouquet on the morning of the big day..

This is a bridal couple who had a beautiful summer’s day wedding in April.

I met Nicola & Mark last August while Mark was best Man at Christy and Steve's Chester Zoo wedding...maybe it was my amazing charm that made Mark & Nicola ask for my contact details...hmmmm but I guess it may have had more to do with the fact...that even without seeing my style of shooting suited them.
I must admit on the big day Mark's top hat and tails threw me...after our pre-wedding photo shoot {click here to see} I went into Nicola & Mark's big day with the understanding that this was a couple who just wanted a special day with their Friends and Family...nothing formal...nothing is fair to say that the old Double Decker bus and VW campervan blew anything stuffy or formal right out of the window! And I then "got" the contrast between the traditional church affair, complete with top hats and gloves, and that quirky..homemade..relaxed modern take on how a wedding day should be...which is not about the bride and groom having their big day...but about friends and family celebrating the love Nicola and Mark have for each other, and so beginning the next chapter of their lives together.
So lets begin at Nicola's Parents home....

the letters L O were on Nicolas they didn't know...all the ushers were sniggering like school boys he- he

Even the lady birds were feeling the love ;)

Yes this is the moment that Mark revealed how much Nicola loves to stay with his parents...and has renamed their home "Bell's Hotel"
{just in case you didn't get it....Bell is their surname}

The day was just so beautiful that after the wedding breakfast everyone could go back outside to enjoy the evening sun....and I am so glad I was with the bride and groom until the evening...really..a bright summers day is a photographers nightmare! We were able to take some simply stunning images against the evening light...just lush ♥

This was not a couple content with doing that little sway thing on the dance floor for their 1st dance...I can honestly say...Just the best 1st dance ever....everyone was clapping and cheering..just fab!!!!

Finally one of my favourite images...mum and son...reminds me of an advert...mum is the legs...the half a body...never fully seen...but will always be there
A beautiful day...a beautiful bride with an amazing smile...who just adores her new husband...I feel honoured to have been able to photograph their wedding day love story...thank you for reading
Much Love
Sarah ♥♥