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Happy New Year!

Sarah Janes Photography

My 1st blog post of 2012...exciting! Did you have a good Christmas and New Year? I do hope so!!!

I have a few blogs' from last year I am yet to post, but as I do not "officially" start work until Monday the 9th I thought I would share something a bit more personal instead...

So here is my New Years resolutions, I have thought hard about these as normally New Years Resolutions is not something I try and I know what I am like..I would try until the end of January, by February it would be " New years Resolutions?!!...not sure what you are talking about" :)

I knew for sure I was not going to do a 366 daily photo challenge {its a leap year} That just would never happen...last year my resolution was to do a monthly photography project. I even wrote in my dairy for the whole year prompting me that I was due to do a monthly project...which meant I have a monthly reminder that I was not doing a goal I had set out to do.

{My 2012 Resolution list}

1/ I finished work December 16th and then threw myself into the Christmas know writing the Christmas cards you massively fail to send, running from the butchers to the local farm shop in preparation of the most important meal of the year, which I had invited the family around to enjoy..just for that bit of extra fun...and as we had family around I felt I should decorate the house to look like it resembles something like a catalogue campaign for "how your house at Christmas should look"..and then we got to boxing day when I decided to have a little rest that day...5 days later I woke up, I had slept and slept and slept, and once I had slept I could not get enough of it...oh but the Christmas meal was fabulous

So my 1st and most important New year resolution is to spend more time with my young family, working 3 months solid with not a day off is not good, working 6 months with not a full weekend with my family is not girls are growing up so fast and I have such a small window in my life to enjoy this time, as once it has gone I will not get a second chance.

So I plan to slow down this year. Take my time...and most importantly enjoy life, enjoy my amazing job, enjoy my beautiful family...2011 flew by and I am hoping to savour know roll it around on my tongue for a bit like you do with wine tasting...just not the spitting out bit.

Our Christmas..

My Mum, Sister and my two beautiful girls....

2/ My second New years resolution is to learn how to the great pleasure of Wilbur the Cat {aka Catzilla}...So I brought a how too book, for ermm kids, really explain it like I am three and I will get it, which I did...look I have knitted...something..a long strip of something but it is a knitted something all the same.

My 3rd New years Resolution, and it PAINS me to say this...I need to be more I am not going to do the unspeakables' which are..

1/ Cut out Chocolate
2/ Join a gym/aerobics class
3/ Diet...but my nickname is the bin, as in give it to the bin, so I may have to cut down..a little.

But I have in fact gained weight, a lot of weight so I have vowed to do 20 minutes of something active every day with the full intention of building up to possibly 25 or even 30 minutes a day..not sounding to confidant am I ;)

So look out Bailey {the donkey below} more walks for you...I am sure anyone walking past my front window will be alarmed at a crazy woman throwing herself around her front room...that would be me doing the Zumba fit and today's 20 minute active activity was having a dance in the Dining room..Wilbur the cat didn't stay around for that..

And lastly my 4th New years Resolution, is to start taking images of myself as there are zero, nilch, nadda of me apart from my Wedding photographs...I can imagine the gran kids saying what did you look like? 

{this is me}

 Thank you for reading my ramblings..I am now off to pick up my girls from schools and spend some sofa time with them

Sarah Jane xxx