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Its a New Year!

Sarah Janes Photography

OK..I know I'm like 15 days late...but HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I have had a good 3 weeks off work, and I am feeling so much better for it, I hope you also had a good break and the January blues have not hit too hard.

As I was thinking about my 1st post of 2013 I took a look back at my New Year blog post for 2012, you know take a look at all the new year resolutions I had massively failed at keeping?!!

But ye of little faith...I smashed it!

The 1st resolution was more time with my family...2012 was all about my family..was all about readdressing the balance wedding photography and them..and this is something I am really pushing again in 2013 by taking on 8 less wedding adventures this year then my normal 28.

The 2nd was to learn to knit...yeah check this out...I did it!! I can knit!!! So this year I think I will learn to crochet...

The 3rd was to become more active and lose the pounds..and although I was adamant I was not going to do the unthinkable...aka join the gym...well I did, the extra pounds melted off and I actually enjoy it..I know strange as it this year I am going to train, I want to be able to run 10k..a straight that's my goal!

The 4th was to have more photos of like you I am sure, I hate having my picture taken..and while on this mission of having my picture taken, I decided to book my good friend and amazingly talented photographer Claire Penn to take my family portrait pictures...little did I know how much I would feel about these images until after the session...

So I guess like most people I was nervous...I really didn't want to ruin the family images because of my ugly mug..I mean who needs to see pictures of me? Right? But no..there were no photos at all of me and the girls together, so I just had to suck it up and get on with it...with a new dress, Mandy {my beautiful friend and awesome Make up artist}did my make-up..I brought a little hat..I figured I needed all the help I could get!

And so off we went...the shoot went so easy, Claire put us all at ease and we actually had a bit of fun ;)

I then saw the images..and was not until this point I had just realised what we had done...we had time capsuled our family...these images are so unbelievably priceless to me! I have them all over my walls, blanketing me and my family..these prints will go to my girls when they are grown..and their girls will one day look at these images and say "that was my mum" I am in tears again now..

So this year another shoot..but this time I would like my step mum, Brother and Sister to join us..this is my family and I love you all the world...

I also feel so Blessed for the friends I have...My friends Claire & Mandy, you are incredibly special to me..thank you both so much for making this all possible, I love the magic you create ♥