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Documentary Wedding photography based in Chester UK. A UK and International Photographer creating documentary, quirky, relaxed wedding photography   

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Sarah Janes wedding photography based In Chester UK and covering, Wales, Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Sheffield, Cotswolds, Lancashire, Bradford, London

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This post feels so deeply personal to me, it is personal to Gabby, and I think by being personal with you, you will not see these images of a very beautiful woman, but of something so much more
....Every single one of us has our "stuff"... our demons we carry around whispering all our greatest fears like they are fact..and I think every now and then you have to let go and remember who you are and why you are sprinting a thousand miles an hour just to stand still...when Gabby contacted me for a shoot, a treat for herself and her husband, I do not think any of us {Mandy, Myself and Gabby} knew just what would have been created in that studio during that was a beautiful woman, inside and out...who didn't have a clue of her own beauty, who after pretending things were fine for so long threw it all in the wind...and said enough....emotionally Mandy and I was with her...every second of that shoot, we knew this amazing girl was there and just needed an ok nod to come back to who she was.....

"Oh my god Sarah...they are absolutely stunning!!! Brought a year to my eye seeing them, you are so incredible...thank you for giving me something so special. I will treasure these forever and when I'm old and grey and sagging in places I never thought skin could sag, I will look back on these amazing images you have given me and know I was kick ass once! It has been just the worse year of my entire life and doing the shoot with you and seeing these images has made me feel empowered and know that I am beautiful where I think I had really forgotten that. You are so incredibly talented, you bring such a unique beauty to your work and a style that is all your own which others can't help but fall in love with. Thank you for making this whole experience so special and the finished result so incredible! I cannot wait to show these to H! I know he will be so impressed. I think he has probably forgotten this side of his wife, thank you for bringing me back to her...oh here comes the tears again...!!!"

It was the "thank you for bringing me back to her..." that still catches my breath, THANK you Gabby my love for making me realize what a amazing chance Mandy and I have to let women feel like they are who they should be...realize they had the strength within them to fight whatever battles we have behind closed doors..we all have..big or small..I think sometimes we just need to stand still for a while a truly look at our self and give permission to see we truly are beautiful..all of us xxx

*and with tears in eyes and shaky hand she presses "publish"*