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Documentary Wedding photography based in Chester UK. A UK and International Photographer creating documentary, quirky, relaxed wedding photography   

Vikki & Paul {wedding day}

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Sarah Janes wedding photography based In Chester UK and covering, Wales, Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Sheffield, Cotswolds, Lancashire, Bradford, London

Vikki & Paul {wedding day}

Sarah Janes Photography

How Vikki & Paul met...
 We met on a student night out on Halloween 2006. I was a ladybird and he was dressed in scrubs stolen from the Royal Hospital by a friend of his. I bumped into him as soon as I walked in this nightclub and must have been very drunk as I just said 'you're fit!' and we got talking and haven't looked back since. we're best friends, always messing around, don't take life too seriously and we always say no one else would put up with us and our stupid ways so were stuck together for life! romantic haha
Sarah Janes Photography
Authentic Wedding Films - Neil Fitzsimmons
St Stephens Church, Prenton
Thornton Hall Hotel
Opulence Bride, designer Diane Harbridge
Rainbow Club shoes online
Headpiece - my something borrowed from a friend
jewellery - dad bought me a bangle and gave me it on the day earrings from debenhams
Soul Hair and Beauty - Chris Millea done hair
make up Hollie Sadler
Groom in Chester for suits
Bridesmaids from Opulence - the gorgeous capes were made by Jeanie the owner
Kingfisher cakes - love love love
flowers by Angela Adlard Floristry
stationary - started on my own and then got Lindsey Devlin involved to take the stress off me. She also designed our keys for place settings and had them laser cut from wood love them
Thornton Hall catered
piano during meal and dj/band - Rock Revolution - love
other entertainment.....
Romain Rabot for string quartet in church and for drinks reception
singing waiters - big event group
Mike Jones- magician
Sapphire Fun Casino - 3 casino tables guests loved these!
decor - by yours truly - Sapphire Bespoke Events ... went in the day before and dressed it all with help from my bridesmaids mum brother and lindsey devlin stationary and angela adlard florist who done the flowers on candelabras
Even though it was proper chucking it down we weren't bothered ...I was just so excited to see paul standing at the top of the aisle and whilst standing at the doors of the church I had a peek round the bridesmaids to see if I could see him ... Sarah was there to again capture this moment and I absolutely love this pic ... all my nerves had gone I was just so happy to see the church full of friends and family. when I finally was standing next to Paul my legs were shaking but I felt so happy and proud to be standing next to this gorgeous lovely man who wanted to be my husband .... we kept asking each other if we were ok and Pauls hand was shaking and sweaty and it made me feel better knowing we were both feeling the same and were in this together ... I cry when I look at the picture of paul turning around in the church as his smile is just amazing in this pic ... our wedding day was just full of love and laughter I kept hugging as many people as I could .... again sarah captured all of this ... just amazing x
Walking down the aisle with my dad most definitely my favourite part of the day, and seeing Paul waiting for me he was so impressed that I was on time (I was actually waiting outside the church in the car for about 10 mins) I so badly wanted to be on time as I'm always late for everything!! the poor driver kept telling me the time as I was asking every 20 seconds he kept saying its too early just wait here with us and we can have a chat I just wanted to get into church and see Paul. Walking down the aisle and seeing everyone was an amazing feeling ... so many happy faces looking at me .... I don't remember this but apparently I done a little dance when I got near to paul so I'm looking forward to seeing this on our wedding film x
Our wedding theme - elton john meets gypsy weddings was the theme ... just wanted everything white in the reception venue with lots of flowers and touches of bling ... and of course the giant cake which i still can't stop looking at pics of and thats the first thing people mention about the wedding when we see them !!!
We saved money on venue dressing as thats my business ... we had a lot of help from our families too with planning our wedding ...
The cake !!! It was absolutely perfect !!! As soon as we got back to the reception venue I asked if I could go see the cake ... when I walked in I squealed I was so happy with it ... it was even better than I imagined it to be ... I just wanted the cake to tower over me so I would like tiny next to it like kim kardashian hahaha ... I figured the bigger the cake the skinnier I will look haha ... gay the lady who made the cake (Kingfisher Cakes) did an amazing job she must have had no xmas holiday as the cake took quite a while to bake then decorate ... when we were planning our wedding I was just like the cake has to be huge ... Paul just left me to it (I was the best fiancee ever he got vegas for one of his stag do's!!) love our cutting the cake pics and can't wait to have one hanging on my wall !!!! x
Our guests just kept telling us on the day how much fun they were having and this is shown in the pictures that sarah captured ... we didn't want people bored or standing around with nothing to do so entertainment was very important to us. The casino tables were brilliant as most of our guests love to go and paul went to las vegas for one of his stag do's (us girls went to blackpool but I wanted the big cake and he got vegas as a swap!!) I also had a cheeky go on the casino tables and won on my fave roulette number 29 ... love how sarah captured me winning haha the photos are brilliant!!!
 For our first dance we had a rock song ... Paul chose our song from our fave film Rock of ages and we danced to the version of Waiting for a Girl Like You from the film - Paul probably doesn't realise this and will probably kill me for saying this but I always hear him singing it round the house since the wedding and it puts a massive smile on my face ... I just stand outside the door and listen to him singing ... then once he's finished and I've stopped feeling all mushy inside I go and take the piss out of him for being mushy ... haha

A significant part of day - I loved dancing with my dad to Tom Petty I won't back down ... not a typical father daughter dance but he always listens to tom petty in his car .... the words are significant to me as dads always told me to stand up for myself ... if my dad believes he's right he would never ever back down and i really admire him for that ... he doesn't care what others think of him not in an arrogant way just fights for what he believes in and i really wish i could be a bit more like my dad and not give two hoots what people say, do or think! my dad is a dude love him loads !!!! 
I cried lots when dancing with my dad, I'm not one for sharing my feelings or telling people how much they mean to me but my dad is one in a million ... he adopted me when i was in primary school and really pushed me academically and told me I can do anything I want and be anything I want to be ... both my parents and my whole family have helped me so much with starting my own business and when we were dancing I was just thinking of how lucky I was to have such a lovely family around me... I felt so much love on our wedding day from everyone around us ... if dad hadn't pushed me to do well in school and college and sent me off to uni I would never have met paul ...
love these lines from the song;
Gonna stand my ground, won't be turned around
And I'll keep this world from draggin' me down
Gonna stand my ground and I won't back down

The honeymoon....Paul organised this in secret and I didn't find out where we were going till we got to the airport ... we went to dubai which was amazing .... and then he tells me after 3 days to pack my bags were going the airport .... I was so excited all over again and off we went to Male airport ... and went to Kuramathi island in the Maldives!! I was crying on the sea plane flying over all the islands as they looked so beautiful ... and our island was just like heaven on earth ... paul chose everything so perfectly I could never have done a better job so he's in charge of all future holidays ...
and finally...
advice - be organised ... I was making day invites 6 weeks before the wedding and hand delivering them it was so stressful I just was so blasé about the wedding didn't sink in that it was our actual wedding until xmas day and I just went into meltdown crying over absolutely everything!! iIfound it hard working in weddings and planning my own as it didn't seem real just felt like someone else's day ...
anything else ...?
dont sweat about the small stuff ... if your mans waiting for you at the end of that aisle and you both say 'i do' then your day is perfect xxx