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Documentary Wedding photography based in Chester UK. A UK and International Photographer creating documentary, quirky, relaxed wedding photography   

Red shoe.....

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Sarah Janes wedding photography based In Chester UK and covering, Wales, Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Sheffield, Cotswolds, Lancashire, Bradford, London

Red shoe.....

Sarah Janes Photography

My other major love other than photographing Weddings is photographing woman, real woman and after my photo shoot with the truly talented 

Andrea Ellison


Claire Penn

 both amazing photographers, and I am lucky to say real good true friends....and I love them....anyway after my shoot went online, with my story of utter heart break {I know....pity me....} I was inundated with woman telling me THEIR story....I had let go and dropped my barriers...this is me, warts an all, not edited in the images as I will no longer be edited in life...and suddenly I was not alone in this....messages from woman crying as they were writing how they did not know who they were, or woman who like me had had their heart broken....this is

red shoe

So I just wanted to share with you what

Mandy Rigby MUA

 have been creating at Red shoe so far this year.....

Julie ♥

This is my story ... part two ....

after having a 'real women' Red Shoe photoshoot with the lovely Sarah and fabulous Mandy .... I knew I had to return to tell the next part of my story ....

My initial shoot had been both for me and for my gorgeous boyfriend who works away a lot of the time. During some of the shots I felt like something .... or SOMEONE ...... was missing .... so I returned for a 'couple' shoot with Sarah and Mandy as soon as my boyfriend returned home.

What can I say? We both felt so relaxed, comfortable and at ease with Sarah ... that at times we forgot that Sarah ... and her camera lens (!) .. were there!! We love what she has captured .... we didn't want obviously 'posed' shots ... so even though Sarah did get us to pose ... the pictures look so natural ... perfect .... we both enjoyed the day so much ...

Thank You gorgeous ladies xxxx

Ellie ♥

Omg where do I start . . . . . . . .

Once in everyone’s lifetime we will all without fail, fall off the pedestal our parents, grandparents, loved ones etc have put us on. Through circumstance sometimes beyond our control and sometimes through our own lack of self worth, we loose the courage to be the person we used to be and the person that makes us who we are. We forget that we are put on that pedestal for a reason; the reason being that we are worthy of love and ultimately beautiful on both the inside and out as well as being valued as precious by those that truly matter.

In the past 3 years I’ve been tested on far too many occasions to recall them all, and I’ve got the scars to prove it. I’ve got some amazing friends who have supported me through some of the most challenging periods of my life to date, and friends that I know will last me a lifetime. Red Shoe is an unforgettable experience. Seeing these pictures has made me realise I want to be on that pedestal because through it all I’m still smiling and I’m still a fighter! I may have fallen off, but dude I’m ready to take my place at the top!!!!

I cannot begin to describe how much fun I had with Sarah and Mandy these girls are such characters! Granted some of the pictures are pictures I honestly would never have envisaged doing, but with all the laugh’s it’s so easy to ‘wing it’ and give it a go! You only live once as the saying goes, so live with no regrets!!! You girls are miracle workers in every sense of the word! Not just with a camera and make up brushes but also with your kind words and tales of love and laughter. Sarah we may both have many tales of love and downright disasters that gave myself, Gabby and Mandy such a laugh we cried, and then Mandy you have such a beautiful soul and whatever the formula is to a long happy marriage, you seem to have it nailed, and I think we would all like a copy of it please! Lessons welcome!!! I brought with me such a dear friend who has lived through many trials and tribulations too and she smiled and I smiled! We all smiled! They say laughter is the best form of medicine and you girlies have oodles of it!!

As Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!” Red Shoe you are definitely the right pair of shoes for every girl’s wardrobe!!!!! And lastly don’t forget it’s not for you to be hanging on the end of the phone waiting . . . . hang up, if he thinks your worth it, he’ll call you back!!! xxxx


 "I want to be an artist, an actress with integrity, and that includes all kinds of parts"

- Marilyn Monroe

Lizzy ♥ 

"WOW what can I say! The images are amazing! Sarah and Mandy really have got the magic touch. I decided to do the shoot for two reasons 1) as a surprise for my Husband for our first Wedding Anniversary and 2) for me. There were many reasons why I shouldn't have done this shoot; "I'm too fat" "I'm too ugly" "I'm too old". For some strange reason we always have a distorted view of how we really look but I thought well it's about time I flipped a middle finger to Miss Insecurity, I wanted to see me; the real me, how people see me, how my Husband sees me! So who else could I ask and trust to do this but Sarah and Mandy. I must admit I had doubts about how the images would turn out. Now to be clear, the doubts were never about Sarah or Mandy but about me as the model (Miss Insecurity with the final sting in her tail) but well what can I say, when I first saw the images all those doubts disappeared. I didn't recognise this Woman; is this really me, do I really look like this? WOW! Sarah and Mandy go out of their way to make you feel special; Mandy with her fabulous skill of making you look beautiful and Sarah captures images of you that you cannot imagine; so beautiful and real; love, loVE, LOVE them! So, would I recommend Red Shoe, Sarah and Mandy; oh hell yeah, would I ever! If there is ever something a girl should do for herself; it's to get a 'Red Shoe' AMAZING Xxxxxxxxxxx"

Tammy ♥

I was full of nerves about the shoot but as soon as Sarah walked in and got going I completely let go, the whole experience was absolutely amazing and Sarah and Mandy are amazingly talented, funny, and beautiful people! Didn't feel like a photo shoot just felt like a girly fun day and loved every single second.

My pictures I shall treasure forever, I love them so much and couldn't thank Sarah anymore! Such an amazingly talented girl! Very sad the whole is experience is over but I shall be this space.

Thanks so much Sarah and Mandy for my amazing 'Red Shoe' day, love ya both x

Francesca ♥

I'd firstly like to say thank you to Sarah for having me. I've just taken the first look at my photos and I am so happy with them! This was my first ever photo shoot and I was extremely nervous, but Sarah made me feel comfortable and to be honest it is something I would love to do again! I had so much fun; this was completely out of my comfort zone, but once I got into it I loved every single second and was sad when my time was up! Again, I am so so happy with how my photos have turned out and I would just like to say a huge HUGE thank you to Sarah for being so lovely and welcoming, such a fabulous Photographer, I definitely wouldn't hesitate to come back to the Studio! Thank you so much


Alison ♥

WOW....OMG..I can't believe these images are really me! I had an absolutely amazing day with Sarah and Mandy at Red Shoe studio, it was such an honour to do such a great shoot with them. I was nervous at the beginning and I had the feeling of the unknown, I turned up with loads of clothes and not much idea what they were going to create, an Italian theme that's all I knew...I had so much fun on the shoot, lots of laughs and of course the best bit was eating the cakes....!! I love every single minute of it. Sarah and Mandy you are both so talented and would love to work with you again...thank you, thank you thank you love ya xxxx

Nicole ♥

 "I love Mandy and Sarah. They've got a special thing going on and the Red Shoe Shoot is a liberating experience that every one should do! It says 'this is me' and doesn't ask for judgement, just manages to capture parts of you that you don't see :)

The ladies are passionate about life, women ,love and all the creation that comes with a photoshoot, and so the time you spend with them is equally as thrilling as the final results.

Mandy (and this is not being biased towards an aunty whom I could not ask more of!) is incredible at what she does, and has an eye for that extra touch that takes a MakeUp to the next level. Inspiring me over many years and forever more.

Sarah captures the romance of photography and she captures life within her photos. You can literally grab everything that means something to you and shove it in a photo! When else are you going to do that? :D

I've been to New Zealand and it's a beautiful place. Through the time away and the people I've met I've become more grateful of every moment. I care less of the little things and more of the world, the way it's going, my family and friends, the next generation ,and making a difference whilst I'm here. This shoot has captured me now and that is a precious gift! Once again the process has been executed beautifully . So to end with a couple of quotes that I've come to live by... ' above all else, practice being loyal to your soul' .. And remember 'it's everybody's duty to give the world a reason to dance!' Thank you ladies! Xx"