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Documentary Wedding photography based in Chester UK. A UK and International Photographer creating documentary, quirky, relaxed wedding photography   

Hannah & Scott

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Sarah Janes wedding photography based In Chester UK and covering, Wales, Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Sheffield, Cotswolds, Lancashire, Bradford, London

Hannah & Scott

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I am so excited to share Hannah & Scott's outdoor, unique and beautiful wedding with you.....Hannah wore beautiful flowers in her hair and Scott wore the most amazing gold shoes....everything about this wedding is just perfect ♥

Our venue was a lovely field at the back of my parents house, my family know the farmer and he very generously gifted us the use of his field for the weekend, on the promise we took good care of it. The location was perfect as myself, Scott and my family pretty much set the whole event up, so it worked out perfectly. It was also ideal for me to get to and close to home if I was unwell. 

We opted on using yurts for the wedding venue, and wow, I was amazed! We used Hooes yurts in Devon, they were the most wonderful people to work with! They were better than we could have ever of hoped for, they created THE most magical space for us to party in, we were in awe!!!! We had five yurts podded together to create two catering tents, one for the bar, one for our sit down meal, and one with a pretty kick ass wooded dance floor. ( which saw some pretty good dance moves into the early hours)

I also just wanted to mention my dad and my brother, who without, our day would not have been possible. My dad is the logistical master! He planned so much together with my mum, and We cannot thank them enough for everything they did for us in the run up to the wedding on the day. My folks took over a lot of the planning when I got sick and, well, they were amazing. My brother flew over from Switzerland with his girlfriend and they both got stuck in and helped enormously to get everything together, amazing as usual!!

My wonderful mum did all of the flowers including my incredible real flower headdress, I mean, wow, it was just prefect. She also made me the bouquet of my dreams, it was amazing

Ok so this isn't exactly the usual fairy tale of falling in love with a dress at first sight and knowing it was the one. I knew that wasn't going to happen, and after two bad bridal shopping experiences I knew I wasn't going to find my dress in a bridal boutique. So I made the decision to make my dress myself, I make a lot of my own clothes and with a fair amount of experience I was confident I could get the job done. I set to designing my dress and then began to draft my pattern and all was going well. I went on a couple of shopping trips to find my fabric and was happy with my choice.... All was going pretty well, until I was diagnosed with an illness that wasn't going to disappear overnight.... Or in the foreseeable future. I had to make a decision, and honestly it was one of the hardest ones I had to make during the planning process. I had to BUY a dress, it doesn't sound like much but making my dress was a huge deal for me, and I had to give it up in order to be able to have some rest time and not make my illness worse. So I went and bought my "back up dress" one that I had spied online and told myself if the sewing went disastrously wrong I would just go and buy it. I ordered my dress online from ASOS, it was designed my the lovely Jarlo.

 So Scott and I met over the internet.... A combination of being away at Uni and coming home with friends scattered all over the place meant It wasn't easy to get out there and meet people. I had signed up, fully intending never to meet anyone, then, there he was, we started chatting a lot then finally met in Birmingham for our "first date" and it was awesome! Then came many, many trips down the M6 to Birmingham for me as we started dating and finally moved in together after a year of travelling to and fro. 

Scott asked me to marry him in a country park in Staffordshire, a place that has fond memories for us both. He made us a picnic and we had an amazing day. He proposed by giving me a chocolate kinder egg which he had hidden my ring inside.... It's sure was better than the naff toy you usually get inside!!!!

A friend who works for Benefit Cosmetics came to do my hair and make up on the day, an honestly I could not have been happier. She styled my hair so well and my make up lasted all day! She incorporated my floral headdress beautifully, and was just generally a wonderful person to have take care of me on the morning of my wedding. 

We had our ceremony outside on the day, as we were blessed with the most amazing sunshine, we had set up chairs, tables, umbrellas and ribbon trees to set the scene. We had a humanist officiant to take care of the ceremony and she was fantastic, she tailored the Ceremony perfectly to our needs, which allowed Scott and I to completely write our own vows/promises to each other. My brother did a reading for us which was lyrics from a favourite song of ours, I felt rather blessed when my bro offered to read for us. 

Scott's suit jacket was from Next and it took us a little while to find the exact colour for him, his suit trousers were a contrasting grey colour and were from Asos. I designed a pastel triangle print to go with our theme and then got it printed onto cotton fabric. I then designed and made Scott his bow tie and matching pocket square for the day. 

We had an afternoon tea from the lovely 'and the dish ran away with the spoon' in Didsbury, Manchester, as our main sit down meal. We wanted something informal where everyone could chat and feel relaxed. Scott and I love going out for an afternoon tea, so we thought it was only right we have it incorporated into our special day. 

Scott and I didn't have a theme really, we just wanted a really relaxed day, something unusual to try and reflect both our personalities. We chose a pastel colour scheme with a splash of gold... As it's our favourite. (Pretty sure you could have guessed that from my husbands shoes!)

We. Wanted all our guests to feel comfortable, so we created an outdoor space in the hope that the weather would be kind to us. We also wanted a day that was well paced, weddings can have big gaps between things happening and we really wanted to try and avoid that if at all possible. So we tried to have a much more chilled day with no formal meal just the afternoon tea and lovely evening Buffett.

All our decorations were pretty much handmade, my mum and I made an abundance of bunting to cover the venue, we stitched cream sun umbrellas to co-ordinate, made cotton reel name tags and I stitched a huge triangle backdrop for the top table. I wanted to make as many of the little unique decorations as possible, as that's part of what I do! 

I made all my accessories for the day, my jewellery, bag and also my bridesmaids hair clip from reclaimed vintage jewellery.

We chose Sarah to capture our day because she is so unique. I trawled the internet and I mean it felt like days until I found Sarah, and I just knew as soon as I saw the images... It had to be her! I am really passionate about photography and spend most of my time behind the lens, so to me this was a biggie! Finding someone I could trust to capture all the moments, all the bits that make a smile creep onto your face at the memory of the joy and happiness, it was important to me. I contacted Sarah to see if she could fit us in and to ask if she could also do something else special for us, capture the day on film. Good old fashioned 35mm film, with the wonderful light and the uncertainty, and of course she said yes! So I was sold, we had our pre shoot with her and loved the images we received back. She was so good at putting me at ease in front of the camera (Scott didn't need it, he was a pro ha ha). Sarah was wonderful on the day, she got fantastic shots of all our friends and family, just enjoying the day, she was like a ninja, (and I mean this in a really good way) she didn't interrupt our day at all she moved around and captured moments as they happened without people noticing.. Isn't that the ideal? Well for us it was, and she did it so well. I can't wait to receive our images and start designing our album... Thank you Sarah! 

My Aunty baked and decorated our wedding cake which I had designed earlier in the year, it was definitely a talking point through the day! My husband was represented by (a very gold) C3PO and I was a polly pocket with a handmade mini felt dress.

Words of advice, ha ha, I am not sure I am in any position to advise anyone on their wedding day. I have learnt a few things though, it was a tough decision whether to continue planning our wedding after i was diagnosed, but honestly, regardless of being ill on the day and finding it tough, I had THE most amazing time. The reason for that is being surrounded by some wonderful people, so I would say, if you get one thing right, make sure you are with the people you care about the most. 

Secondly, if the electric goes off, to your house and your venue ten minutes before the ceremony is about to start and people are running about to neighbours houses to dry their hair and finish their showers, don't freak! This is exactly what happened to us, we had no electricity til just before we sat down to eat and none of our guests were any the wiser. So as long as your best guy is waiting for you at the end of that aisle all else will pale in significance, trust me.