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The Duchess Of Cornwall, Bump-Start and the foundation Years Trust..

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The Duchess Of Cornwall, Bump-Start and the foundation Years Trust..

Sarah Sadler

Earlier this month I had the great pleasure, once again, to photograph the amazing work that Home start does {every-single-bloody-day with the help of the most amazing volunteers' you will ever meet!} for underprivileged communities.

The Duchess of Cornwall visited Manor Primary School in Beechwood, Wirral to find out more about the work of the Foundation Years Trust, during her visit to the school she meet the volunteers and staff working with families in the community, she met with Bump-start mothers and volunteers, who told her of  this great, new, amazing scheme and that helps mothers, emotionally, non judgmental, honest, pure support from volunteers' {who, more often than not, have been through difficulty themselves} right from pregnancy...Camilla also met parents and their children who took part in a “Read It Together” project, and it was announced that she had agreed to become the foundation's national patron.

The Birkenhead Foundation Years project offers holistic support to parents, from pregnancy until their child starts full-time school and it aims to combat child poverty and improve youngsters' life chances.

Home-start is still known as the secret charity....unless you have had help or you know of a volunteer, you probably have never heard of the amazing work this charity does...there is poverty happening right now in your community, this is not down to "people not wanting to work" but generation after generation of no opportunities, nothing at all for them, until they believe that there is nothing for them....lets give this generation the chance to spread their wings with no ceiling put upon them....

And why do I believe this?

Because I was one of those kids, I was brought up not far from this school and was told I would never achieve anything....that my only option at leaving school  was to work in a shop or a factory....if I could find work at all.

I wish that we had had a home-start volunteer.

Instead I had moved to North Wales with my step mum ...and it was there that I was given love, non judgement...and a few bloody good talking's too....and that's all that is needed, it is a simple as that to give a young person the chance to do whatever they are capable of doing in life.

I just want to finish off by saying just how fabulous Jo is from The Media Room , never before have I met someone with as  great a passion and love as this girl xxxx