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How to love your wedding supplier….

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How to love your wedding supplier….

Sarah Sadler

You are engaged….CONGRATULATIONS!

So…now let’s talk about how to find your suppliers, and more importantly how to make them just as excited about your big day as you are....

{Just a warning, these tips may make them more excited than you}

Let me start by sharing with you my experience....{Other photographers will feel my pain}

The excitement when my email pings…

you’ve got mail….

And I wonder

I wonder if they looked through my gallery….the images I carefully selected from the weddings I poured my heart and soul into, to show just what kind of photographer I am, just how I see your wedding story to be told...

I wonder if they loved the way I designed the website, the weeks and weeks of building that website, how I used a language that would reflect the kind of photographer that I am

That you absolutely 100% know who I am and what my photography is about before you even get in touch..

I open my email to…

“What are your packages/prices?”

My heart sinks

There is nothing in there about you, I have told you who I am and nope…nothing, I even have a price on my didn't see it, but you did look at the gallery page right? No...oh…

Where are you getting married, what look and feel do you wish your day to have? Are you a DIY bride or are you the most unwedding bride in the history of brides….I want to know…I want to know about you

“just the bottom line please”

OK then

Its your wedding day after all….

So I reply

 I make the email really personal

And then….



not a thing

I have had around 10 emails from my Gas and Electric Company asking for my meter reading….I just cannot be bothered to go to the meter, type in the numbers and press send to a robot….I get it.

But you will not be working with massive corporations’

You are working with sole traders……

 Why do I care so much about my website, why do I care if you reply or not? Why do I care if you care….? WTF am I taking this so personally?

Well because I care

A lot

Too much maybe

Because this is personal

I have invested my whole heart into what I do…

And so will your florist, band, invitation maker, bridal boutique, room dresser, Make-up artist, Hairdresser….

They care…

So future brides and grooms....that have cared to have read so can change this! You can be the brides and grooms of the future! And when you enquire….you will let them know why you are inquiring

“you photographed my friend’s wedding and I just loved the images and how you were on the wedding day...we didn't know you were there”

"I always pass your bridal boutique when I travel to work....and now I have a reason to come in and try on your beautiful dresses!!"

“I ordered some flowers from you for mothers day....and they were so beautiful! I would love to see what ideas you have for my wedding flowers?”

“We heard you play at a festival and you are just the band for us”

“For our wedding I am planning a relaxed informal day…and your style is just what I am looking for!”

And guess what….when you get an excited response and they are out of your budget… no one will get upset if you get back to them with a

“You are out of our budget….but thank you for your time in replying”

Maybe throw in a few "I am devastated/gutted/cannot see the keys for tears as I write this reply"

You know what I would do if I had an enquiry, and she was just plain bloody lovely...and I was really gutted I was out of her price range?

I would ask her what her budget is, and if there was nothing I could do then I would go to my huge network of photographers and say

"Hey guys....this awesome girl has just got in touch...this is her wedding date and budget, who is available at this price?"

I would then send the awesome girl a huge list of photographers who she now knows are currently available and who are also within her budget...

Then saving her the pain to write out 50 "what-is-your-price-are-you-available" on-line forms

I know I know...


Because I, like most sole traders, care*

*and it smarts a little when we do not feel a little love back*

Sprinkle that kindness b2b… are getting married

A day all about you both and your love for each other…

There is no practical reason any-more as to why you need the paper and a ring….you are getting married for love

Pure love

So surround yourself with that and guess what…..? You will have suppliers tripping over themselves for your big day

You may even get some new friends out of it

How fabulous is that

Sarah xxx