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Ness Gardens Wedding // Kind words and wedding advice

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Ness Gardens Wedding // Kind words and wedding advice

Sarah Sadler

Hello Sarah!

Oh My Goodness!!  They are all so beautiful!  The pictures under the blossom were such a good idea, they are absolutely stunning.  I'm also not sure what you, Gill and Mandy have done but I don't think I've ever looked so good!  It doesn't feel like me, she's beautiful!

Having looked at other people's getting ready photos their rooms always look to be so immaculate, and mines just a mess!  I don't know how other people manage to stay so tidy!

I didn't know where to start when picking vendors....

Only a couple of my friends are married, and none of them did it locally!  I knew that I wanted a tea length wedding dress so used good old google to find one in Liverpool with a good selection.  It led me to the Bridal Path in Childwall where the staff are lovely.  I picked out a few that I liked and my mum picked out one that she liked, which I didn't.  I thought there was too much going on and was a bit too 'blingy' for me.  However when I tried it on I knew straight away that it was the one!  Everyone told me I would come out with something different then what I had gone in for!

I then needed a photographer...

(I say 'I' as Chris's input in the wedding started and ended with him asking me to marry him!).  Ness Gardens had given me a list of ones that they liked, but when I looked at their websites I knew that they were not for me.  My friend's Sister in Law recommended Sarah Janes Photography saying that she wished she had booked you for her wedding.  I loved your website and knew as soon as we met that you were the person I wanted to capture our day.  And you have done so fantastically!  Every image is so beautiful.  I love how you blended in and every image is so natural, nothing is forced.  You made everyone feel at ease and all the laughter is genuine. 

The Makeup artist...

Mandy came recommended to me by your good self and my Maid of Honour.  Gill the hairdresser I again found through google when I looked for vintage bridal hair.

The florist...

 And Carys the florist is a good friend of my brothers.  I don't know how I managed it, as choosing everyone seemed to go so smoothly but I definitely picked the right people for what I wanted.  And everyone was so lovely which was a bonus!  I couldn't have asked for a better team.

The best advise someone gave to me was a few years back.  It was a friend of a friend who had recently got married and she said 'People think that marriage will automatically change your relationship for the better.  Many people think that by getting married they will instantly get their fairy tale happy ending, but you are both still the same people with the same faults'.  And it's true.  I have spent the past 2 weeks of our Honeymoon asking Chris to put his dirty socks in the washing bag, and when I came to pack our cases I still found 6 pairs scattered in different places around the room!  We are both the same people with the same faults (he probably hates that I was nagging him to put his socks away!) but we know that and still want to share our lives together.  

When I was younger I used to love looking through my parents Wedding Album.  

(I used to also find it amazing that they had a life before me!)  We have a wall of photos in our hallway and there are a few old wedding photos on there from grandparents and aunties.  I love looking at the change in wedding fashions!  The photos you have taken are very special and show all the people that I love on the most important day of my life.  I'm so so so pleased that we picked you and I hope our children with love looking through our wedding album and that one day some of the pictures might even make it on to our grandchildren's hall wall. 

Thank you once again for all your hard work and patience and the beautiful photos.

Much Love 



Venue: Ness Gardens