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Documentary Wedding photography based in Chester UK. A UK and International Photographer creating documentary, quirky, relaxed wedding photography   

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Sarah Janes wedding photography based In Chester UK and covering, Wales, Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Sheffield, Cotswolds, Lancashire, Bradford, London

Wedding advice....

Sarah Sadler

Wedding advice from our very own beautiful Bride Manuela...our October 2016 bride who married her Lovely Andrew at Oaks Farm , which is just 10 miles from London


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We stumbled upon Sarah Jane Photography by googling a variety of terms along the lines of natural documentary style no silly poses wedding photography. In the initial emails already, we were smitten by how passionate, lovely and approachable Sarah came across so we've decided to make a trip up to Chester to meet with her and Rich in person. As we had a really small wedding, it was important for us to feel the photographers would blend in and get along with most our guests. What was supposed to be a quick 30 minute cup of tea to discuss our wedding turned into a 4 hour afternoon laughing and sharing everything from holiday tips and talking about Central London pubs and we felt like we just clicked with both Sarah and Rich and were delighted when they agreed to shoot our small London wedding and our instincts proved to be correct. On the day, Sarah and Rich got on well with our guests, documenting the day, the laughter, the crazy dancing, the atmosphere perfectly. They were absolute stars in organising the line for the confetti, the group picture and the cutting of the cake. We could not be happier with the pictures, they really do capture the wedding and our friends and families so well and we adore how natural and effortless the portraits look. From start to finish, Sarah was a delight to work with, immediately understanding what we were looking for and exceeding expectations when we saw the final shots. We can't wait to book Sarah and Rich for our "One perfect day" shoot hopefully next year. 

Wedding story:

We decided to hand punch our confetti as we wanted big bright colourful confetti and couldn't find anything suitable. We gave ourselves a few months, punching confetti after confetti every evening after work, and a few times were close to giving up (once especially when Andy knocked a glass of water over freshly punched confetti, rendering them useless) and everyone called us absolutely crazy for doing it when you can buy perfectly fine confetti. However, nothing will ever come close to the feeling of the wind sweeping them up with the most perfect timing, showering us in a tornado of thousands and thousands of the brightest confetti right after we said "I do!". It is hands down my most favourite moment of the whole wedding. 

Advice for brides:

Things can and will go wrong - maybe a supplier will drop out on you, maybe your favourite flowers aren't in season when you're getting married, maybe your best friend hates the bridesmaids dress you picked - don't get hung up on things that are out of your control and always focus and remember what this is about - the love you share and how you want to celebrate that love with your closest friends and family, nothing else really matters!
Stay organized - have a to-do list starting with big things (venue, food, music) going on to little things (personal touches, decorations) and work your way through it step by step. Don't try doing too much at a time, but leave enough time for everything to avoid last minute panic!

Thank you so very much Manuela for sharing this with us ♥♥♥